Schema Therapy Academy of Australia (STAA) - Adelaide based Schema Therapy training and supervision.

Schema Therapy Training Australia - Australian based Schema Therapy training and supervision.


Eilis Kennedy: Orchids and dandelions: How some children are more susceptible to environmental influences for better or worse and the implications for child development.


Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability
Brene Brown studies human connection-our ability to empathise, belong and love.

Brene Brown: Listening to shame
Shame is an unspoken epidemic, the secret behind many forms of broken behavior.

Schema Therapy Videos

Dr Jeffrey Young: NEA-BPD Annual Conference Insights into Borderline Personality
Disorder: Neurobiological Research and Clinical Interventions -- October 20-21, Mount Sinai Medical Center New York City, New York

Clinical Roundtable: The Three Faces of Psychotherapy for Borderline Personality
Disorder Clinical Perspectives: Schema Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Transference-Focused Therapy.

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