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An Australian Couple Has Launched An Online Mental Health Tool To Support People With Personality Disorders

September 19th, 2018. Original Source






An Australian couple has launched an online mental health tool designed to help people living with personality disorders.

The website Secure Nest, developed by Adelaide-based clinical psychologist Sally Skewes and IT specialist Joseph Skewes, went live last week after three years in development.

It’s designed around psychotherapy treatment schema therapy, which was developed to help individuals with personality disorders by assisting them to identifying emotional triggers and resulting behavioural patterns.

Sally Skewes says as well as helping patients, it will also be an excellent tool for therapists.

“We really wanted a place where clients can go to access therapy tools, even between sessions, to enhance their therapy experience, as well as provide an online framework for schema therapists,” she said.

“Secure Nest can be used to support individual schema therapy, group schema therapy and as a self-help tool.

“The platform was designed for those who are interested in understanding what drives emotional, thinking and behavioural patterns, and how these patterns can be changed.

“With schema therapy in high demand, the waiting period can be up to 12 months. Because our program can be used straight away by clients who are waiting to be treated, it can reduce the learning curve when therapy begins.”

The launch follows a $50,000 grant awarded to the startup last year as part of the University of South Australia’s Venture Catalyst program.

Renowned schema therapist and field innovator, Michiel van Vreeswijk, who acts as an advisor for Secure Nest says, the platform finally provides a safe space for therapists and clients.

“Now group schema therapists can offer their clients a safe and creative platform, encouraging contact with each other and working together on changing negative behavioural patterns.”

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